Plastic Surgery SEO – Search Engine Optimization For Plastic Surgeons

How is plastic surgery SEO different from any other industry? Do you need any special knowledge in Plastic surgery to do high level SEO work in this industry? The short answer is NO. But it would definitely help.

SEO for Plastic Surgeons

Reach more people online looking for cosmetic surgery with Plastic surgery SEO

In todays world, there is literaly nothing people don’t search for online. If you need to book a flight you probably go first to Google flights or a similar site, that’s no different when it comes to Plastic or cosmetic surgery, People go online and search what they need.

If you want to attract more clients to your clinic and increase your leads and sales, you need to do search engine optimization to better attract those people when they search for a relevant keyword to your industry.

Why would you want to do SEO for your Plastic Surgery clinic anyway?

Well, like any other business, you want to attract people and let them know that you can serve them if the need ever arise. Before television businesses would advertise in the local paper or on the radio. Then TV came and businesses actually use this platform to this day, when the internet started exploding especially with smartphones being used by almost every person in the world, things change.

Now, everyone has the internet in their hands. If you want to know something, you just search for it on Google and within seconds you have your answer. So it’s no different with Plastic Surgery.

plastic surgery SEO

When someone is thinking about getting a cosmetic surgery done, the first thing he or she does is open their browse and search for terms like: ” Plastic Surgery near me ” or ” Best Plastic surgeon ” and you want your name or business to show up on the first page when they search for that term. Why? Because when they see you, they will click on your site, and some of them will call you and come in for a meeting and eventually hire you to help them.

That’s the power of the internet and it has changed how people are deciding what to buy or who to hire.

If you want a chance at being at the top of the Search results when someone is looking for a relevant search phrase, you need to hire an expert level SEO consultant that will help you build and execute your Plastic Surgery SEO plan.

Here’s how I can help you get more traffic to your website with my plastic surgery search engine optimization strategy


  • Keyword research 

plastic surgery seo This is the first step and probably most important step in the system. Most SEO campaigns rise or fail based on the quality of your keyword research. At this stage I will research your niche, find the most valuable keywords and phrases people are actually searching for and I think you have a chance to rank for. Not all sites are created equal, and sometimes, to get results, you need to play at your level first, before you can get to the big league. Remember, the internet is a big place, you don’t need to be #1 for every search term ever, you just need to be #1 enough times to increase your business and grow over time.


  • Competitive research 

plastic surgery seoThis is my favorite part of the system. Here I will find your most relevant competitors and I will learn which keywords and search phrases already drive traffic to their website and what kind of content they created to attract their users, and I will beat them at their own game. I will create better content, better optimize it and just out rank them and ” steal ” their traffic. This is a very effective approach because it leaves out the guess work and only focus on phrases that we already know work.


  • Content creation 

plastic surgery seoThis is the part where we create high quality content based on the topics and keywords we found in the previous steps. We want to make sure to research the competition and create better content, sometimes all you need is just to provide better value for your readers and you will win. The goal is to establish your clinic and website as the #1 authority on everything plastic surgery so that when people and Google know that if they need an answer on this topic, your website covers it and provides value.


  • Onsite optimization

plastic surgery seoAfter we publish the content on your clinic website, we want to make sure it’s optimize to get the best results. We will test various versions and formats to see what works best with your audience and continue doing it until we reach the desired results.  The content optimization process usually is an on going step that will need to be changed and tested over time. We will monitor the results daily and when we see we get what we need, we will push harder in the same direction.


Local Listing Plastic Surgery SEO

This is another layer of SEO that every physical business should know. If you don’t already know about it, Google lets every business owner create a local listing profile or GMB ( Google My Business ) that you can display more information about your business, more photos and more information that will be shown right on the search results, people can call you directly from that profile and it increases your search impression by a lot.

plastic surgery SEO

The way you promote your local listing profile is by creating many citations, which is like mentions around the web on relevant websites that point back to your clinic with specific information. If you do this long enough, Google will start showing you for a lot of related terms people are searching for and it usually gets good traction.

Local listing SEO for Plastic Surgeons should definitely be part of your overall SEO strategy. 

Link Building for Plastic Surgery niche

Link building is a part of any SEO strategy. And it holds true for Plastic Surgery clinics as well. After you have your content and the website is optimized, we can strategically locate and create high quality links that are super relevant to your niche to give the search engine another indicator that your website is an authority in its space.

We don’t want to do this too much though, the best links are the ones you gain naturally and organically, and you can do that by promoting your epic content to your audience and some of them will naturally link to you. But if you want to give your efforts a little boost, some links will do great.

Talk to us for help with your Plastic Surgery SEO plan

Doing all what we described above takes time and effort, if you want to scale your clinic and business you need a partner who can stay on top of your SEO needs daily, and that can help you build an SEO plan for your Plastic surgery practice.

Alony Media can be your perfect SEO partner and help you attract more people from search engines and establish you and your brand as the leading authority in the Plastic Surgery niche. Don’t hesitate to reach out today for a FREE consultation call to see how can we help you.

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