If You Live For Friday Your Shit Is Broken

I hate Friday. YES, I really do, you know why? Because everyone expects me to stop doing what I love which is work and go do other stuff. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs rest every once in a while, but most people just glide through the week and try to not do too much so they can get to their precious Friday night and Saturday morning. And when these days come, what do they do? Pretty much nothing! So I just don’t get it.

Think of it this way, if you do what you love every day of the week, and it’s really something you’re passionate about and really love and enjoy, why would you want to stop doing it? It’s like asking a kid who loves playing football

” Hey kid, it’s Friday, why don’t you stop playing football for a while and do nothing, or something else you don’t really like ”

Doesn’t make sense right?

So that’s what I mean by if you live for Friday, you’re shit is broken.

But that’s ok, not everyone get to do what they love every day, and sometimes you just have to put in the work to advance in life, but if you’re not working to some sort of goal or passion you have, and just get up in the morning, go to a job you hate, and go back home to sleep to start the next day, you need to make a change.

There’s no reason in todays world to do shit you hate. No reason at all and there’s nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise.

I always loved what I did, even when I didn’t, I used to get up in the morning, go to my job, do my best there, go back home at 18:00 or 19:00 and worked on my own things until 02:00 – 03:00 in the morning, and rinse and repeat.

Little by little I built my empire, and learned, and improved, and made mistakes, and improved, and had successes along the way. Now I run my own business and continue to expand and learn as I go, and I never been happier.

Take a few minutes now, sit by your desk or in your home and really think about this question

” Are you happy? ” 

If the answer is now, please make a change, if you get up each morning just wanting the day to end so you can be back at your house binge watching some show, you need to rethink your life and make a change.

I truly believe that everyone on this earth has the chance to do something great, everyone has a unique skill or knowledge to do things that matter, don’t just waste your life waiting for the weekend to do stupid stuff and be small.

You need to take advantage of each day to try and improve, learn, help other people and shine! If you live for Friday night, you’ve already lost!

You want a simple advice on how to be really happy? Do something you really love. You can make a decent living from pretty much anything today, if you put in the work, nothing starts out big, but if you do something small each day to improve your situation, after a while, it adds up and you start seeing results.

From 20:00 to 00:00 that’s a lot of time to build your empire, day in and day out, when you start making some money, reinvest that into the business, when you start making enough money to quit your job, maybe go for it, you either work towards your dreams or you work for someone’s else dreams, and you tell me what it better.

If you live for Friday’s, your shit is broken. 

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